Black and white image of a vintage car from behind with a bride and groom kissing on the back seat
Colourful image of a bride and groom walking through a confetti tunnel
Black and white image of a groom drying his eyes at the end of  the aisle after seeing his bride for the first time
Soft back lit image of a bride and groom standing close together touching noses taken in the evening light.
A field of wigwams in long grass against a dark stormy sky and a just married couple holding hands amongst the grass
Vintage Land Rover decorated with flowers with open back door.  Bride and groom are kissing in the back.
Wedding guest with pink hair laughs and hugs her Mum on the dance floor.
Full bridal party, men in kilts and girls in sparkly dresses, pulling funny faces
Black and white shot of Bride and Groom's first kiss.  Lights that look like dandelions hang overhead.
Two wedding guests leaning back with laugher as they enjoy a drink outside
Just married bride and groom smile as they walk back down the church aisle
Bride and groom kissing the cheeks of their little boy who is held in between them on the riverbank.
Four peach bridesmaid dresses hanging up in the window, framed by the rafters of the old cottage
Black and white image of a bride and groom dancing in the field. Bride holds her dress out to the side as she spins.
Wedding cake decorated with flowers and backlight with  bright lights on the table in the barn.