Nearly There Questionnaire

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you have now reached the questionnaire phase of the process! I apologise in advance as there are quite a lot of questions on here. I'm very much a go with the flow type of photographer and will adapt and deal with any situation that arises on the day but it does help to be as organised as I can be before. This way I won't need to continuously ask questions about timings or which family members are supposed to be in which photo. Speaking of group photos, I'm happy to throw in extra variations to the given list and you can ask me anytime on the day for more informal shots with certain people but it helps to have a fairly short list of VIPs for your family photos - I would recommend no more than 10 (excluding wedding party shots). We can get through these quickly and efficiently and (hopefully!) without anybody disappearing off to the bar, toilet or to lie down in their room! It is your day however and if you would like more, of course that's not a problem.

If you have a timeline of the day drawn up I'd love for you to send me over a copy, that can be really helpful to know what is meant to be happening when.

I've included sections for you to tell me all about your other suppliers, its nice to know who I'll be working alongside and I can tag them in any images shared if applicable.

This should give me all the information I need before your wedding day but if you would like to have a pre wedding consultation just drop me an email and I can get you booked in.

I'm very much looking forward to capturing your wedding day!

Dress/Suit/Veil/Shoes/Hairpiece/other accessories

Dress/Suit/Veil/Shoes/Hairpiece/other accessories