B&W image of couple sitting on concrete block. She is laughing, her eyes closed. He is laughing too - a hand on her leg
Couple in woods sitting on leg.  They are laughing and holding hands. She has long blond hair and he is dark.
Couple are standing together, looking at each other, in the woods under an umbrella. Blurred flower obscures the corner.
Close up, black and white image of couple's hands entwined. He wears a watch and her a ring and bracelet.
Back of couple sitting in the woods, leaning in to kiss, surrounded by bluebells.
B&W image of a man spraying champagne as woman laughs, holding glasses behind him. Wooden lodge behind them.
Couple standing together, surrounded by greenery, beside the river in Dean Village, Edinburgh.  Buildings rise behind.
Manor House covered in ivy behind couple walking towards the camera, looking at each other
Close up of couple standing closely together in front of bright red container.